She was born on the 3rd of the December in Cizre. Her mother who adored Yunus Emre named her ”Elif”. And her father gave her a second name: Gülnur. She lived in different cities due to his father’s job. Even though she had a chance to know different cultures, she always continued speaking with ”Istanbul accent” and a correct grammer. She has always cared about speaking and writing proper Turkish. She started her writing journey when she was only 9 years old with her first story about cats. Even though she was a child, her priority wasn’t toys. She has always been a bookworm. When she was a child; she had a big library. After finishing all the book she had, secretly she started to read her mother’s novels Such as: Barbara CARTLAND, Harrold ROBBINS. She was fascinated by a book called ”ÇALIKUŞU” by Reşat Nuri GUNTEKIN.

Also her biggest idol on the way to becoming an author was HUSEYIN RAHMI GURPINAR” She adored all of his books. She was inspired by his literary language. She started to write her first book since she was tired of telling story to her nephew. Thereafter, the lines that she wrote became a fantastic novel. After publishing her first novel ADONYA. Her two books called ”101 ODALI KONAK” ( THE MANSION WITH 101 ROOMS) and ” SİHİRLİ BİBER TARLASI” (MAGİCAL PEPPER FIELD) were published. Even though she doesn’t see herself as a poet, she has several poems. She likes writing tales and essays.

All her books- completed or not completed- have a cat typecasting because she cares and remembers the cats that she lost. Their names were: Tekir, Tomasina, Toful, Pamuk. Cats are more important than anything for her. This is why she always mentions them in all the books She has written. Also freedom, justice and respect are among her personal values.